We are a friendly airgun club located at the Millride Country Sports Centre just off Junction 1 of the M54 near Wolverhampton. Whether you are interested in shooting Field Target (FT) competitively, or just want to enjoy shooting your rifle in a safe and friendly atmosphere, we can help.

There are good facilities on site, including a cafe and our own cabin, which gives members the chance to relax and socialise or, if needed, shelter from the elements.

Field Target is a safe and challenging target sport and doesn't involve shooting any wildlife. The targets are metal silhouettes which fall over when hit in the correct area and which are then re-set for the next shooter by pulling a cord from the firing position.

We shoot year-round every Saturday from 12.00 noon to 3.30pm (although this may be subject to change depending upon circumstances or weather conditions).

At club shoots, the course normally consists of either 25 or 30 targets set out at random ranges varying between 8 and 55 yards. Members are graded into 3 classes depending on ability so you will be competing against others of a similar skill level. We also put out a practice range, useful for setting up your rifle and scope.
Our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are more than happy to pass this on to newcomers to the sport. Don't worry if you don't have your own equipment yet, come down and talk to us. There is no obligation to join and most members will be more than happy to let you have a go with their set-ups, this will give you a chance to see what suits you best before you go and spend your money.

We are associated to the BFTA (British Field Target Association) via the MFTA (Midland Field Target Association). The club membership fee includes membership of the BFTA and our members are eligible to shoot in BFTA national, or MFTA regional competitions (which from time to time we host at Millride).
Midland Field Target Association
Clubs Cup

Club Agg 15 - Results now online
Next Saturday - Head to Head 15

Please note that new members are put into A grade until they have shot 4 rounds of competition, after which time they will be placed into an appropriate grade. In addition, new members will not appear on the Most Improved Shooter leaderboard until they have shot 4 rounds.

Please note your new grading for 2022. The grades are based on a shooters overall percentage scores for 2021.
Shooters may elect to shoot in a higher grade, but not a lower one. To do this, please inform Club Secretary by telephone, our facebook page (private message), in person, or via another member.

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Annual Membership (From 13/06/2020) costs 28.50, with 6.50 for each Saturday shoot you attend. (Non-members 8.00 per shoot). Access to the plinking shed only is 5, and 4 for juniors under 16.
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